Who we are

The Board of the Cryptographic Reserve

Middle-Class Americans, Military Veterans, Long-Term Technology Professionals, Financial Independence Enthusiasts, Anti Political Corruption Activists and Freedom Lovers 

Why USDe?

Unitary Status Dollar eCoin

The USDe project’s primary mission is to attract worldwide adoption of a fair, modern, debt and interest-free peer-to-peer network driven currency, which recognizes advancements in technology and consumer needs, while adhering to strict standards of professionalism, integrity and transparency.

The Community

Supportive community

The Unitary Status Dollar eCoin is an organic movement, supported by a strong, tight knit and well-informed community of organizers.  This is an honest people’s organization, whose mission is to turn upside down what used to be the accepted economic norms!  


USDe Specifications

  • Security Algorithm: Scrypt
  • 60 Second block time
  • Kimoto Gravity Well 1-Block difficulty re-target
  • Only 5 Confirmations per transaction
  • 120 Confirmations for block maturity
  • Block halving every 1/3rd of the coin’s total supply

Learn More

Getting Started with the Unitary Status Dollar eCoin Windows Wallet


The Free People's Currency

Why do we need a new currency?

Did you know that just three short decades ago, the average American household could buy a home, send their children to college and support the whole family all from a single middle-class income? It’s common knowledge that the gap between the haves and the have-nots is rising at exponential rates. USDe is on a mission to start the reversal of this troubling trend, worldwide.

Rethinking Money & Trust

Legacy forms of payment, based on usurious, unaccountable and corrupt banking systems is the thing of the past! Welcome to the age of independent digital USDe. It is just like cash, except immune from banker monopolies, which can jeopardize your hard earned money’s value, with fast, secure transactions, supported by real people like you.

What's the Plan?

Deliver easy to consume, quality political and economic satire to the people of the world, while developing tangible services and value for Unitary Status Dollar eCoin adopters who are witnessing the value of their money dwindling at astonishing rates.  Attract and educate new users, who are unfamiliar with cryptographic forms of payment as a viable replacement for status quo currencies of yesterday.

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